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March 25, 2003 -- New member pics added (finally!) (zeus, eyoung74, Blue 02, mach351, lutzgt86, Kevin98GT, chorsecrazy, 00blkstang, mydnightstang, Snak_man, RacerGT)

October 6, 2002 -- New member pics added (4SFED, jazzcat2001, jspalmer, mantelguy, oneredextreme, sirhcman)

August 25, 2002 -- New member pics added (Hatchman, Gary01GT, atlblue00gt, 99v6coupe, 92summerspecial)

July 2, 2002 -- New/improved message boards are LIVE! Check it out!

May 30, 2002 -- New member pics added (sunburst00, black01gt, 654212spd, mike92lx) Also updated Events section

Apr 4, 2002 -- Added info to Events area

Mar 17, 2002 -- New member pics added (Flight50, Mustangz4me, pan4u, missouri_guy1973) Also added Links section.

Feb 20, 2002 -- New message boards are LIVE! See Message Board link for more details. Also tweaked Store page.

Jan 14, 2002 -- New member pics added (HRS_PLY, juiced50, Dirty_Red, Superfly27)

Jan 4, 2002 -- Added new specific tech areas, moved stuff around, did some general maintenance junk as well. Enjoy!

Jan 3, 2002 -- Happy new year! Starting Thursday night, and going through this weekend, I'll be adding new boards and reorganizing the rest of the boards. Any threads that haven't been touched in 45 days are going to get tossed as well, in an effort to clean up shop.

Dec 14, 2001 -- Added Store section, merchandise. Check it out!

Dec 10, 2001 -- New member pics added (wolves, Red_2K_Mustang)

Dec 5, 2001 -- Added info to the Events area.

Dec 4, 2001 -- New member pic added (ttopmustanggt88)

Dec 2, 2001 -- First meet of STLM at So. County Hooters, pics up on Member's page


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